ADPRUFE® Liquid Waterproofing Admixture

Porous by nature, concrete is vulnerable to water absorption and cracking.

ADPRUFE® liquid waterproofing admixture significantly lowers the permeability of concrete to protect it from water absorption and reduce drying shrinkage. 

What is the ADPRUFE® Liquid Waterproofing Admixture? 

Using ADPRUFE® admixture provides a 50% reduction in water absorption, meaning less water penetration, less water vapour permeability and a significant reduction in drying shrinkage — resulting in increased durability and reduced concrete cracking caused by shrinkage.


ADPRUFE® Product Documents

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Product Data Sheet

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AD02-0516 - Wall Pentrations Detail Drawing
AD03-0516 - Construction Joints Detail Drawing
AD04-0516 - Lift Pit Detail Drawing
AD05-0516 - Steel Strut Raker Detail Drawing
AD06-0516 - Stanchion At Wall Base Detail Drawing
AD07-0516 - Stanchion Through Slab
AD07-0516 - Stanchion Through Slab Detail Drawing
AD08-0516 - Wall Base / Slab Junction Detail Drawing
AD12-0516 - Wall Base Against Permanent Formwork Detail Drawing
AD13-0516 - Wall Base Against Piled Wall Detail Drawing
AD16-0516 - Wall To Upper Level Slab Detail Drawing
AD17-0516 - Wall To Roof Deck Detail Drawing
AD18-0516 - Step in Slab Level Detail Drawing
AD19-0516 - Wall To Capping Beam Detail Drawing
AD20-0516 - Wall Construction Joint Junction Detail Drawing

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ADPRUFE® Product Brochure
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ADPRUFE® 100 is an innovative liquid admixture that significantly reduces both the permeability and drying shrinkage of concrete.

Key Benefits
  • Design flexibility
  • Reduces drying shrinkage and permeability of concrete
  • Improved consistence
  • Concentrated, liquid formulation
Application Type
  • Water retaining structures
  • Swimming pools 
  • Lift pits
  • Tunnels

ADPRUFE® admixture is typically used in combination with ADVA® superplasticizers to produce high consistency concrete with a low water/cement ratio. This also reduces capillary paths in the cured concrete, limiting the places where water can infiltrate. 

Compared with conventional powder or thick liquid products, ADPRUFE® admixture is low dosage, produces easy to work with concrete, and minimises the need for post-injection of leaking cracks on the job site. This saves time, money, and hassle for busy contractors.  

Key Features

•    Lower water absorption
•    Reduced drying shrinkage 
•    Improved tensile strength at all stages 
•    Compatible with most types of cement binders
•    Easier disbursement than powder-based and thick liquid products 
•    BBA certified and NHBC Chapter 5.4 compliant
•    Protection for concrete joints with advanced hydro-expansive or PVC waterstops
•    Create two times the waterproofing protection or cavity drain systems for critical structures in challenging environments when combined with PREPRUFE®  waterproofing membranes. 


Product Advantages

•    Added protection from costly water and cracking damage
•    Minimised need for repair work
•    Increased life span of the structure

Typical Applications

•    Basements 
•    Complex concrete elements, such as piled basement floor slabs and walls
•    Water retaining structures
•    Swimming pools
•    Lift pits
•    Tunnels

Every year, GCP protects thousands of cubic meters of concrete from water ingress.