CONCERA™ admixture for high flowing concrete

More than a water reducer—a category creator.

Using ordinary materials and mixture proportions, ready mix producers can create high flowing concrete that resists segregation. One simple admixture—CONCERA™—makes it all possible.


High flow concrete with conventional mix designs

Introducing Control Flow Concrete. This high flowing, segregation-resistant concrete is achieved using conventional materials mix proportions, and  one novel admixture, CONCERA™.

Get more value

Concrete producers and contractors get more value out of conventionally-proportioned Control Flow Concrete.


  • Control Flow Concrete is segregation-resistant high-flow concrete.

  • Allows producers to differentiate themselves from other mixers.

  • Achieve higher sales and better results.


  • High-flow concrete means easier placement, letting contractors finish projects quickly and easily.

  • Durable, high-quality concrete requires little patching or rework, and builds customer trust.

Where to use Control Flow Concrete

Contractors can use Control Flow Concrete anywhere they need high flow and passing ability or easy placement. This includes:

  • Foundation mats

  • Walls

  • Columns

  • Beams

  • Pilings and footers

  • Decks

  • Floor

In every application, the use of CONCERA™ results in cohesive and high-flowing, durable concrete.

Consult with GCP about a category creator

Control Flow Concrete is a category creator—there's simply nothing else like it. Use CONCERA™ admixtures to produce Control Flow Concrete to enable fast construction and bottomline growth.