BRIDGEMASTER® combined waterproofing and surfacing

Lightweight, high performance protection and surfacing for bridges and pedestrian areas

Superior protection for bridge decks.

Bridges by nature are vulnerable to the elements. Attack from water, chloride and frost can lead to deterioration and loss of structural integrity. The installation of an effective waterproofing and surfacing solution is therefore essential to the long lasting durability of a structure particularly on highly trafficked areas. The BRIDGEMASTER® system is a 3-in-1 waterproofing, wearing and anti-skid system developed for the protection of bridge decks.


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BRIDGEMASTER® is a fast curing, waterproofing and skid resistant wearing course for the protection of bridge decks, where a long lasting, light weight and durable solution is required.

Key Benefits
  • Long and effective life
  • Waterproofing
  • High friction surface
Application Type

What is the BRIDGEMASTER® waterproofing and surfacing system?

Where light weight allied to durability is required, the BRIDGEMASTER® system is the answer. Developed with unique ESSELAC® technology and refined through extensive experience in waterproofing highly trafficked surfaces, the BRIDGEMASTER® system comprises an impermeable, semi-flexible resin screed with an aggregate overscatter and durable sealer coat.

The BRIDGEMASTER® system is used to surface and protect a variety of structures operating under a range of climatic environments and traffic conditions, from light duty pedestrian structures to major bridges and viaducts subject to heavy vehicular traffic. It is suitable for application to concrete, steel and aluminium substrates. The BRIDGEMASTER® system can be tailored to individual projects, applied at a thickness to suit differing vehicular or pedestrian traffic loads to enable weight saving.

Product Advantages

  • Creates a protective waterproof barrier
  • High friction surface for highly pedestrianised or trafficked areas
  • Durable and long lasting as it creates a high bond strength to the substrate
  • Rapid cure, even at low temperatures. Trafficable within one hour, aiding contract progression
  • Lightweight, up to 80% lighter than mastic asphalt, enabling increased traffic loads
  • Can be tailored to individual project requirements