DECSEAL® cold, spray applied waterproofing, wearing and coloured surfacing

Provides a fast and effective solution for car park protection and surfacing

Long-lasting protection for car parks.

Car parks are high traffic areas, subject to high loading and stress. They are exposed to daily and seasonal temperature changes as well as water and pollutant ingress and prone to attack from cracking, chlorides, and carbonation. The DECSEAL® waterproofing and surfacing system is designed to protect car parks from water penetration and corrosion whilst providing a durable friction surface.


This 2-in-1 system based on unique ESSELAC® technology features waterproofing as well as an aesthetically pleasing wearing course in a range of colours to suit the needs of the project. It is suitable for use on seven-day-old concrete, enabling the application to begin as much as three weeks earlier than other systems. Curing occurs quickly, even in low temperatures allowing project progression. The system may be partially or fully reinforced subject to the design of the car park being treated.


As a cold, spray-applied membrane, the DECSEAL® waterproofing and wearing course system handles detailing with ease, offering a lightweight and flexible yet durable and weather tolerant, protective barrier. Its unlimited overcoating time eliminates intercoat adhesion issues and allows phasing of works whilst its fast curing properties allows trafficking within one hour, enabling contract progression.

Product Advantages

  • Offers a seamless, high-adhesion system for long-term waterproofing
  • Provides excellent durability
  • Lightweight solution, reduces deadload of structures
  • Allows for rapid application with minimal downtime
  • Eliminates the need for hot works permits
  • Easy to repair, even after years of service, saving time and money
  • Available in a range of colours.