Field Support

Assistance and expertise you can rely on throughout the entire construction process.

Our Field Support teams can ensure you run a safe and successful project

We're ready to assist you in the field, at the concrete plant or at the job site. Count on us to: 

  • Assist in the field or at a job site

  • Work with architects and engineers to incorporate the right materials into the specifications 

  • Provide guidance in selecting the best waterproofing and air barrier options for your needs
  • Offer contractors installation advice for air barriers, waterproofing, flooring and fireproofing products in the field 
  • Help contractors with proper application of architectural concrete 
  • Ensure durability and protection systems work together seamlessly

Our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities, scientists and technical experts can help troubleshoot and resolve complex issues with concrete, cement or building materials. We also offer concrete fabrication and testing, chemical analysis, petrographic analysis and calorimetry testing.
We'll give you all the support and solutions you need to make your job go right.

It's never too early to get in touch

Whether you're a year away or already digging, count on our Field Support teams to assist you anytime, anywhere. For more information, feel free to contact us by using the below 'contact us' button.