Why Work at GCP?

In 2016, our company was formed when W. R. Grace & Co. spun off its construction products technologies business.

Be a Part of Something Special

Our Values

Knowledge Applied: Our know-how and innovation deliver results.

We value know-how and innovation that lead to high-value, real-world solutions. Insight and down-to-earth practicality make us thought leaders focused on what's relevant. We thrive on data, analysis and critical thinking.

Professional: We do things right, and we do the right thing.

We listen and value sound judgment. We are careful and respectful. We work safely and are good stewards of our environment. Our standards for execution and efficiency are high, and we meet our commitments.

Customer Success: When our customers succeed, so do we.

No explanation needed.

Outperform: We exceed expectations.

We value execution even as we raise the bar to achieve stretch-level goals. Performance — results — is how we measure our efforts. We are successful when we exceed the expectations of customers and colleagues, as well as our own.

Focus: Our priorities are clear and aligned.

We concentrate our energy, efforts and resources on clear, shared priorities. We are aligned on what we will do and what we will choose not to do. By working together, we continuously improve and achieve what we set out to accomplish.

On 4 Feb, 2016, GCP Applied Technologies went public with $1.42 billion in revenue and leadership positions in three global industries. It was a great starting point, but we set our sights even higher.

At GCP Applied Technologies, we are committed to building upon the company's rich legacy and continually evolving to meet future challenges. To understand our culture and what drives us, we encourage you to review our mission and values.

Our Mission

​Around the globe, the people of GCP Applied Technologies passionately deliver world-class products, applied knowledge and service excellence to create value.