Preprufe® pre-applied waterproofing solutions

A high performance, fully adhered, pre-applied waterproofing system for critical below grade applications.

Challenges of below grade waterproofing

Below grade waterproofing is a standout challenge for any construction project. Leaks from groundwater, storm water runoff or irrigation water may impact the foundation of any building that's improperly waterproofed—and when concrete is involved, there are any number of ways that water can travel into and around a structure.

  • Water can come up through the seams of a poorly designed or improperly installed waterproofing membrane
  • Job site conditions such as dust can spoil the adhesion of membrane to concrete and prevent a system from performing as designed
  • Imperfections, voids and cracks in concrete can create a pathway for water to migrate in and around a structure.

To manage the risks outlined above and meet the challenges of below-grade construction, a robust, high performing and easily installed waterproofing system is required.

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Protect your building with a three-layer membrane

Comprised of a robust HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive and protective coating, Preprufe® forms a robust, permanent and aggressive adhesive bond with any concrete slab. Preprufe® products are specifically designed to perform in critical applications and incorporate Advanced Bond Technology™ to ensure fully adhered and long lasting product performance. This technology allows Preprufe® to form a continuous unbroken seal with the concrete for the design life of the project.

A proven, reliable waterproofing solution for critical applications

Preprufe® waterproofing Advanced Bond Technology™ creates a continuous, integral and permanent adhesive bond to concrete. This seal prevents the lateral migration of water into and around the structure and provides performance for the lifetime of the structure. In the case of a breach or installation error, this fully-bonded membrane ensures that water under hydrostatic pressure is unable to migrate between the membrane and concrete, therefore limiting the risk of catastrophic waterproofing failure. Independent testing and a 25+ year track record has proven that Preprufe® can resist lateral water migration at extremely high pressure – 70+ meters of hydrostatic head pressure. For this reason, Preprufe® systems are globally proven in the world's most critical applications.

Contractor friendly, straightforward installation to ensure performance and accelerate project schedules

Many systems in the market today require the use of welding or mechanically fastened laps. These installation requirements require a skilled installer, introduce risk to the installation and take time, effort and expertise. These methods requires a large crew and specialised equipment in addition to creating the potential for dangerous and unpleasant site conditions such as odour. In addition to the logistical challenges, these processes tend to be finicky— common jobsite challenges such as dust and moisture can easily result in incorrectly completed laps and details, both of which may result in expensive and costly long-term consequences.

By contrast, Preprufe® Plus can be applied with a minimal crew and requires no special equipment for installation. Installation is simple: a "kick-out" design allows workers to unroll a sheet in seconds. A dual adhesive ZipLap™ seam allows sheets to bond to one another easily, and the adhesive is designed to resist common nuisance conditions onsite - dust, debris and moisture.

World-quality waterproofing

With applications on mega projects such as the Alaskan Viaduct, the largest bored tunnel on Earth, Preprufe® has been proven the world over in critical applications. Over the last 25 years, builders have installed more than 650 million square feet (over 60 million m2) of Preprufe® in below-grade applications—there’s hardly a more trusted brand in waterproofing. For more information on how Preprufe® can benefit your project, contact GCP today.

Product Listing
  • Product
  • Description
  • Key Benefits
  • Applications Type
Preprufe® 160 Flex

Preprufe® 160 Flex waterproof membrane is a composite sheet comprising of a robust highly flexible backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant coating.

Key Benefits
  • Adhesive seal to concrete
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Inert
Application Type
  • Water and vapour proofing all basement grades to BS8102: 2009
  • Waterproofing civil engineering substructures
  • Methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas protection
Preprufe® 800PA membrane

Preprufe® 800PA is a cold-applied, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, composed of a reinforced cross-laminated HDPE film, and a synthetic non-bituminous adhesive. Preprufe® 800PA incorporates the Preprufe® Advanced Bond Technology™.

Key Benefits
  • Non-bituminous
  • Adhesion
  • Productivity
  • Fully bonded
Application Type
  • Basement walls of all basement grades to BS 8102: 2009
  • Below-ground car parks
  • Underground RC reservoirs and tanks
Preprufe® Plus membranes

Preprufe Plus waterproof membranes are composite sheets comprising a robust virgin HDPE backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant coating plus dual adhesive Preprufe ZipLap for increased security and practicability at overlap. 

Key Benefits
  • Fast, simple and secure 
  • Advanced Bond Technology reduces risk
  • Preprufe ZipLap dual adhesive watertight laps
  • Reduces cost and saves time
Application Type
  • Water and vapour proofing for all basement grades to BS 8102:2009
  • Waterproofing civil engineering sub-structures
  • Methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas protection
Preprufe® SC1

Preprufe® SC1 is a green coloured, non-bituminous, solvent based primer, which provides good inital adhesion of Preprufe 800PA non-bituminous adhesive membrane.

Key Benefits
  • Quick drying - fast membrane application.
  • Damp and green concrete tolerant.
  • Active formulation for enhanced membrane adhesion.
  • Compatible with Preprufe 800 PA membrane
Application Type
Preprufe® Tape

Preprufe® Tape and Preprufe CJ Tape are specially formulated two sided, reinforced pressure-sensitive tapes. 

Key Benefits
Application Type
  • Detail areas including end laps, penetrations and repairs to Preprufe waterproofing systems
  • Construction joints