PREPRUFE® SC1 Primer (UK/IE Version)

Non-bituminous, quick drying, damp and green concrete tolerant , solvent based primer for use with PREPRUFE® 800PA cold applied, self adhesive waterproof membrane

Product Description

PREPRUFE® SC1 primer is a green coloured, non-bituminous, solvent based primer, which provides superior adhesion of PREPRUFE® 800PA non-bituminous adhesive membrane to a wide variety of substrates.

Typical Use

Used to prime concrete surfaces including ‘green’ or damp to touch, as well as wood surfaces to which PREPRUFE® 800PA membrane will be applied. PREPRUFE® SC1 primer can be used on vertical and horizontal foundation applications at -5°C or above.


  • Quick drying - fast membrane application. 
  • Damp and green concrete tolerant.
  • Active formulation for enhanced membrane adhesion. Specifically formulated to be compatible with PREPRUFE® 800PA membrane.
  • Green colour to ensure proper coverage, to aid identification, and to avoid substitution.

This document is applicable to projects and applications in the UK only. Please refer to the local website for further information or contact your GCP representative. 

System Components

Surface Primer

PREPRUFE® SC1 primer is a companion product that is specifically designed to provide high bond of PREPRUFE® 800PA waterproofing membrane.

Limitations of Use

PREPRUFE® SC1 primer is not intended for any other use other than those specifically detailed in this product data sheet and any other current product data sheets available at Contact GCP Technical Services where any other use is anticipated or intended.

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Safety and Handling Information

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  • All products must be handled and stored consistent with current related GCP methods statement and current Safety Data Sheets
  • All PREPRUFE® SC1 primer must be stored upright in its original container in a well ventilated place. 
  • Observe shelf life

Technical Support, Details and Technical Letters

The most up to date detail drawings and technical letters are available at For complete application instructions, please refer to the current GCP Applied Technologies Contractor Handbook and Literature on ( Documents in hardcopy as well as information found on websites other than may be out of date or in error. Before using this product, it is important that information be confirmed by accessing and reviewing the most recent product information, including without limitation product data sheets and contractor manuals, technical bulletins, detail drawings and detailing recommendations. Please review all materials prior to installation of PREPRUFE® SC1 primer. For technical assistance with detailing and problem solving please contact your local GCP representative or, by calling GCP at +44 (0) 1480 478421. 


PREPRUFE® SC1 primer may be applied by a roller or brush. Apply to clean, dirt free, frost-free surfaces at a coverage rate of 10-12 m2 per litre. Allow the primer to dry 30 minutes or until tack-free. Dry time may be longer in cold temperatures. Puddles of primer should be avoided as this will lengthen drying time. Do not apply directly to PREPRUFE® 800PA membrane. Priming should be limited to an area that can be covered with membrane within the same day. Areas that accumulate significant amounts of dust or dirt must be re-primed before membrane is applied.

PREPRUFE® SC1 primer 5 & 20 litre can
Coverage 10-12 sq m per litre*
* Depending upon method of application, surface porosity and ambient temperature.


Typical Properties
Property Typical Value
Colour Green
VOC 592 g/L
Curing at 20°C 30 minutes

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