Sealing System for the Reinstatement of Cracks, Joints and Slots

Product Description

SAFETRACK®  INLAID ROAD REPAIR (SAFETRACK®  IRR) is a HAPAS-Approved* liquid, cold-applied, fast-curing inlaid repair system for single and multiple cracks based on GCP Applied Technologies, previously Stirling Lloyd’s, unique ESSELAC®  advanced resin technology and extensive experience in the development of high performance reinstatement products.

SAFETRACK®  IRR is available in both High Modulus (HM) and Flexible (F) grades as defined in the BBA Crack Sealing Guideline Document.

HM Grade – Suitable for static cracks and open seams in asphalt where no movement is expected.

F Grade – For use where movement is likely.

A major advantage of SAFETRACK®  IRR is its fast cure and rapid return to service across the temperature range. To facilitate this both SAFETRACK®  IRR “HM” and “F” grades are available in “Standard” and “Low Temperature (LT) grades. 

*Certificate No.10/H160, Product Sheet 3 & 7.


SAFETRACK®  IRR has been developed for filling and sealing a recess in asphalt and concrete surfaces. The system is ideally suited for a range of applications, including:

  • Inlaid crack, slot and joint repair, of any width 
  • Filling and supporting open or fretted joints in asphalt
  • Repair of multiple cracks
  • Remote traffic signal installation
  • Re-instatement of Cross Carriageway Ducts (CCD’s)
  • Light Rail (Tram) seal, support and insulation
  • Asphalt surface regulation prior to surfacing


  • First-time reinstatement
  • Simple and economical to apply
  • Rapid installation and cure ensure minimum downtime
  • Cold-applied, no hot trades
  • Long service life
  • Resists deformation and rutting under traffic load
  • Excellent retention of skid resistance
  • Extends the life of asphalt
  • Width of repair can be varied to suit application
  • HAPAS Certified for minimum 5 year life

Technical Information

Application Temperature Range1 0 to 25°C

Temperature2 / Material Typical Working Life Typical Cure Time
25°C 5 minutes 10 minutes
20°C 7 minutes 20 minutes
15°C 10 minutes 35 minutes
10°C 13 minutes 50 minutes
15°C 7 minutes 23 minutes
10°C 10 minutes 30 minutes
5°C 13 minutes 35 minutes
0°C 15 minutes 40 minutes

Surface Preparation

The surface to be treated must be clean and dry. Use oil- and water-free compressed air to clear the crack or slot of all dirt, standing water and loose material.


SAFETRACK®  IRR consists of 2 components – a resin and BPO powder catalyst.

Before the final surface of the SAFETRACK®  IRR is allowed to gel it is completely 'blinded' with dry aggregate to provide a skid-resistant finish.

Typical cure time is between 10 and 50 minutes, after which the road can be re-opened.

Full application training is provided by GCP and detailed Application Guidelines are available to the Authorised Contractor.

A range of simple hand tools and hand-propelled equipment is available from GCP to assist with application including:

  • Draw boxes, 40mm to 200mm wide
  • Trenchmaster, for slot filling
  • Fillmaster, for high volume slot filling
  • Fretmaster, for longitudinal joint repair
  • Gripmaster, for dispersal of overscatter
  • SAFETRACK® pumps, for use on larger projects for high outputs of material application


SAFETRACK®  Crack Infill ‘HM’ – 1.85kg/m²/mm 

SAFETRACK®  Crack Infill ‘F’ - 1.65kg/m²/mm Aggregate Overscatter is typically 4kg/m²

Coverage of resin will vary depending upon the size of the crack or slot and surface texture.

1 For temperatures outside this application range please contact GCP Technical Services. 
2 Based on ambient, material and substrate temperature all being the same

Maintenance & Repair

If a repair is required, fresh SAFETRACK®  IRR is quickly and easily applied to the existing material, irrespective of the time since the previous installation, enabling the integrity and performance of the installed material to be maintained indefinitely.


The standard colour is Asphalt Grey. Also available in Neutral for concrete applications and as an indicator layer in asphalt.


All tools and equipment should be cleaned with Acetone before the material is allowed to cure.

Packaging & Storage

SAFETRACK®  IRR ‘HM’: 25.25kg pack (inc. 250g of BPO)

SAFETRACK®  IRR ‘F’: 25.6kg pack (inc. 600g of BPO)

Aggregate Overscatter – 25kg bag (sold separately to kit)

All components of the system should be stored in cool, dry, protected conditions, out of direct sunlight and in accordance with the relevant site Health & Safety regulations. Storage temperature must not exceed 25°C. Do not store near naked flames or foodstuffs.

Stored in unopened containers, under the correct conditions, the components have a minimum shelf life of twelve months. If your product is more than twelve months old you must contact GCP before use.

Health & Safety 

Please refer to our safety datasheets for further information.

General Information

SAFETRACK®  IRR is part of a wide range of specialist highway maintenance, waterproofing, surfacing and repair materials manufactured and supplied by GCP. If you require any further information on this or any other of our products, please contact us or visit our website | United Kingdom customer service: +44 (0) 1480 478421

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