Reinforcing Mesh

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Product Description

PERMARE®  Scrim is a polyester textile fabric. 


PERMARE®  Scrim may be used for partial or total reinforcement of the PERMARE®  waterproofing membrane. 

Reinforcement scrim is used to accommodate unusually high degrees of thermal and/or structural movement by increasing the membranes Tear and Tensile strengths.

The increase in these values allows the system to preferentially debond over areas where substrate movement would normally result in system failure, maintaining waterproofing integrity and system performance. Typical areas of use include:

  • Day work/Construction Joints in the concrete substrate


Please refer to the PERMARE®  Application Guidelines for further details.

Packaging & Storage

PERMARE®  Scrim is supplied in 170 metre rolls (approx) cut to a finished width of 195mm.

Do not allow the PERMARE®  Scrim to get wet. Store in dry conditions.

General Information

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