PERMARE® waterproofing solutions

Extending the life of utility assets

Tough, durable protection for substations, water tanks, reservoirs and sewage treatment plants.

The PERMARE® waterproofing solutions are a range of durable products designed to extend the life of utility assets including substations, water tanks, reservoirs and sewage treatment plants. Developed by Stirling Lloyd (now GCP Applied Technologies), the PERMARE® systems have a track record of success throughout the globe. The PERMARE® waterproofing membrane is designed for the retention and exclusion of liquids from potable water and aggressive chemicals to sewage containment.

PERMARE® EP system– For waste water and liquid containment such as sewage works and tanks, silos and silage tanks

PERMARE® EPW system – For potable water reservoirs and containment structures


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PERMARE® EPW Tropical is a two component, seamless liquid system which combines the features of both epoxies and polysulphides to produce a coating with outstanding physical properties.

Key Benefits
  • PERMARE® EPW Tropical - WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme). Listed for use in contact with “wholesome” water, tested to BS6920.
  • Excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Good low temperature flexibility
Application Type

PERMARE® Scrim is a polyester textile fabric.

Key Benefits
Application Type

PERMARE® Scrim may be used for partial or total reinforcement of the PERMARE® waterproofing membrane.


The PERMARE® waterproofing system

The PERMARE® EP waterproofing system is a cold, spray applied membrane which cures to form a seamless, flexible membrane with a strong bond to concrete and steel. The membrane provides long term protection and containment in the harshest of climates, ensuring retention and exclusion of liquids including many aggressive chemicals. Ideal for use in sewage treatment plants, lining of sewage man holes, chemical tanks, screw pumps, aeration tanks and suction tankers.

The PERMARE® EPW system is a two component, epoxy polysulphide based seamless liquid system, applied by spray, brush, roller or squeegee. The system was developed to contain potable water and protect from contamination, and therefore ideal for use in buried or exposed reservoirs, water towers, canals and culverts, storage tanks and silos.

Product Advantages

  • Solvent free solution that is easy and fast to apply above and below ground
  • High humidity and temperature tolerance, Tested to BS6920 part III to 55°C
  • Can be in-situ tested to ensure integrity during installation
  • Chemical abrasion and impact resistance to provide long term protection
  • Industry-proven across the globe