Non-Chloride Set Accelerating Admixture

Technical Data

Effective component tin(II)-sulphate
Form powder
Color grey, grey-brown
Bulk density approx. 1250 kg/m3
pH-value 2–5 (10% aqueous solution)
Storage keep cool and dry in original containers
Recommended dosage dosage depends on the Cr-VI-content of the used cement
Maximum dosage 9 g/kg CEM
Delivery form 25 kg bag; 1.000 kg-bigbag
Physiological effect May irritate skin and eyes; see SDS (Safety Data Sheet)
Shelf-life approx. 1 year in closed original containers

Fields of Application

Continued, unprotected contact of the skin with cement gel, mortar and concrete can cause a chromate eczema. SYNCHRO® 119P (CR) can therefore be applied in all cases where cement containing products are processed and the exposure of the skin is possible. SYNCHRO 119P (CR) is predominantly used in the production of dry-mixed mortar or concrete.

Properties/Mode of Action

SYNCHRO 119P (CR) is a highly effective chromate reducer in powder form. The agent has good flowing properties, therefore it can be dosed very exactly. SYNCHRO 119P (CR) serves to transform the toxic, water-soluble Chrome VI into the physiologically harmless Chrome III. The dosage of the agent, adjusted to the chromate content of the cement, leads to a concentration of less than 2 ppm as requested in the European Guideline 1999/45/EG.

  • The use of SYNCHRO 119P (CR) renders the following benefits:
  • Neutral to mix design and temperature resistant up to 300°C.
  • The chrome VI content can be safely reduced under 1 ppm.
  • Can be stored up to 12 months without loss of efficiency.
  • No brown color effects on the surface of concrete or mortar.
  • No hazardous good.

Dosage and Use

SYNCHRO 119 P (CR) is homogenously blended with cements, dry-mixed mortar and concrete or other cementitious products.

Special Information

When using SYNCHRO 119P (CR) the general and usual hygienic guide-lines for working with cementitious products are to be followed by the user. SYNCHRO 119 P (CR) does not contain corrosive components. A certificate can be provided upon request.Preliminary tests according to official national standards are always required before use! Potential changes in the color of SYNCHRO 119P (CR) are due to the inert carrier substance. The effect of the chromate reducer as well as the color of the final product are not influenced. | United Kingdom customer service: +44 (0) 1480 478421

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