BITUTHENE® 4000 / 4000S membranes

Self-adhesive, cross-laminated HDPE waterproofing membrane with enhanced bonding characteristics

Product Description

BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S is a flexible waterproof membrane combining a high performance cross laminated, HDPE carrier film with a unique super sticky self-adhesive rubber bitumen compound.


  • Cold applied - fast, safe and simple application to substrates especially at low temperatures and saves application time.
  • Suitable for application to “green” concrete - reduces programme schedules.
  • Moisture tolerant primer system - allows application in damp or marginal weather conditions.
  • Wide application temperature range - excellent bond to self and substrate from -5°C to +35°C.
  • Twin seal laps - adhesive and film sealing provides enhanced bond and additional security.
  • Cross laminated high density polyethylene carrier film - provides high tear strength, puncture and impact resistance
  • Pre-marked overlaps - ensures quality of the overlaps and saves application time
  • Gas resistance - contributes to methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas protection according to BS 8485 (see section 7.2.4), BRE Reports 211 (radon) and 212 (methane and carbon dioxide). Independent test reports available upon request.


At air temperatures below +5°C measures should be taken to ensure that all surfaces are free from ice or frost. All surfaces except those below ground bearing slabs and Preprufe® R membranes should be primed with one coat of GCP’s solvent based quick drying, damp and green concrete tolerant, rubberised primer BITUTHENE® Primer S2. Primer S2 can be applied by brush or roller. Primer S2 is pink in colour to ensure proper coverage, to aid identification and to avoid substitution of proper recommended primer.

BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S membrane shall be laid by peeling back the protective release paper and applying the adhesive face onto the prepared surface, free from ice, frost, condensation or any contaminants which could adversely effect adhesion. Once the membrane is applied, cover with a protection board as soon as possible. On “green” concrete or damp surfaces, cover the membrane immediately. BITUTHENE® LM to be applied at all internal and external corners, penetrations etc. prior to applying the overall membrane.

BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S membrane should be brushed onto the surface to ensure good initial bond and exclude air. Adjacent rolls are aligned and overlapped 50 mm minimum at side and ends and well rolled with a firm pressure, using a lap roller to ensure complete adhesion and continuity between the layers. On high walls it may be necessary to batten fix the membrane to prevent slippage.

Repairs, Protection & Drainage

  • Damaged areas to be repaired with an oversize patch applied to a clean dry surface extending 100 mm beyond damage and firmly rolled.
  • Protect BITUTHENE® membranes immediately after application to avoid damage from other trades, construction materials or backfill, using only Protection 03 boards.
  • If the area around the substructure can be drained to a low level outlet then GCP recommends the HYDRODUCT® range of drainage membranes.


BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S membrane complies with the following national standards: BS 8102: 2009, The Building Regulations (as amended) (England and Wales) 2000, The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 (as amended), Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (as amended).

Health and Safety

There is no legal requirement for a Safety Data Sheet for ADCOR® 500S, ADCOR® 550MI, BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S, Protection 03 board, BITUSTIK™ or HYDRODUCT®. For BITUTHENE® Primer S2 and BITUTHENE® LM read the product label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use. Users must comply with all risk and safety phrases. SDS’s can be obtained from GCP Applied Technologies or from our web site at

BITUTHENE® 4000/4000S 1 m x 20 m roll (20 sq m)
Weight 36 kg
Storage Store upright in dry conditions below +30°C
BITUTHENE® Primer S2 5 & 25 litre can
Coverage 9-11 sq m per litre application, (depending on surface porosity and ambient temperature)
Ancillary Products  
BITUTHENE® LM 5.7 litre packs
Protection® 03 board 3 mm x 0.9 m x 2.03 m (± 6%)
ADCOR® 500S 6 x 5 m rolls
ADCOR® 550MI 8 x 5 m rolls
BITUSTIK™ 4000 150 mm x 12 m roll
Pak Adhesive 5 litre can
HYDRODUCT® Refer to HYDRODUCT® Vertical Drainage Sheets datasheet

Equipment by Others: Lap Roller
Note: As per specification and/or local site requirements a low VOC, water-based primer BITUTHENE® Primer W2 can be used as an alternative to BITUTHENE® Primer S2.

Specification Clause

Refer to NBS Clause 180 and 190

Property 4000 4000S Test Method
Colour Dark grey-black Dark grey-black  
Application Temp. -5°C to +20°C +15°C to +35°C  
Resistance to hydrostatic head >70 m of water >70 m of water ASTM D5385


Declared values according to EN 13967
Property Declared Value Test Method Property Declared Value Test Method
BITUTHENE® 4000 4000S   BITUTHENE® 4000 4000S  
Visible defects - MDV None None EN 1850-2 Joint strength (N/50mm) - MLV ≥ 150 ≥ 150 EN 12317-2
Straightness - MDV Pass Pass EN 1848-2 Water vapour transmission
(μ= sD/d) - MDV
110.000 ± 30% 140.000 ± 30% EN 1931
Method B
Length (m) - MDV 20.15 ± 0.15 20.15 ± 0.15 EN 1848-2 Durability of water tightness against ageing/degradation (at 60 kPa) Pass Pass EN 1296
EN 1928
Method B
Thickness (mm) - MDV 1.52 ± 0.08 1.52 ± 0.08 EN 1849-2 Durability of water tightness against chemicals (at 60 kPa) Pass Pass EN 1847
Method B
EN 1928
Method B
Width Carrier Sheet (m) - MDV 0.987 ±0.007 0.987 ±0.007 EN 1848-2 Durability of tensile properties against chemicals Pass Pass EN13967
Annex C
Width Overall (roll) (m) - MDV 1.000 ± 0.005 1.000 ± 0.005 EN 1848-2 Compatibility with bitumen Pass Pass EN 1548
Mass per unit area (g/m²) - MDV 1490 ± 90 1550 ± 90 EN 1849-2 Resistance to static loading ≥ 20 - Pass ≥ 20 - Pass EN 12730
Water tightness to liquid water (at 60 kPa) Pass Pass EN 1928 Tensile properties - unreinforced sheets (N/50mm) - MLV Long¹ ≥ 200
Trans² ≥ 240
Long¹ ≥ 200
Trans² ≥ 240
EN 12311-2
Method A
Resistance to impact (Al-board (mm) - MLV) ≥ 150  ≥ 150  EN 12691 Tensile properties - unreinforced sheets (Elongation %) - MLV Long¹ ≥ 270
Trans² ≥ 220
Long¹ ≥ 270
Trans² ≥ 220
EN 12311-2
Method A
Resistance to tearing (Nail Shank)- unreinforced sheets (N) - MLV ≥ 120 ≥ 120 EN 12310-1 Reaction to fire
(Class; test conditions)
E E EN 13501-1

1. Longitudinal - related to the roll direction
2. Transversal - related to the roll direction
3. MDV: Manufacturer Declared Value
4. MLV: Manufactured Limiting Value
5. NPD: No Performance Declared. All declared values shown in this data sheet are based on test results determined under laboratory conditions and with the product sample taken directly from stock in its original packing without any alteration or modification of its component parts. | United Kingdom customer service: +44 (0) 1480 478421

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